How to Incorporate Art in Small Spaces


Incorporating art in small apartments can be challenging. In tiny living areas, you really have to think about how to use every inch of the space to your advantage. But just because you live in a small place that doesn’t mean that you can’t make it look nice and stylish. Regardless of your personal style and preferences, there are numerous tricks you can use to successfully add art to your apartment without making it look overcrowded.

Gallery View

Turn your small flat into a gallery by displaying a collection of drawings, photographs, paintings and prints one next to the other. Hanging an array of art pieces of different shapes and sizes together will help you showcase more art on a limited space, while simultaneously making your apartment appear organized and neat. You can use similar artworks to create a coherent presentation or you can bring the display together by choosing simple, identical frames.



Display Art Vertically


Another way to make the most of your small apartment is to hang artworks vertically. By placing several artworks one below the other, you will be able to use up the entire height of the wall. Just make sure to create this set-up somewhere where there will be nothing blocking the view (like in a hallway or the empty space around the windows).


Art in Unusual Places


When you live in a small apartment you need to use up every little bit of space you got. Instead of limiting yourself to the typical exhibiting spaces such as the hallway or the living room wall, try placing your art at unconventional places. For example, why not put a small sculpture on your coffee table or a miniature painting on your bookshelf, especially when it contrasts with the environment. Also, you can pick out a nice print and hang it in the bathroom. Professionally sealed photographs and prints are particularly resistant to humidity, so they make a perfect bathroom choice.


Embellish Ceilings and Floors


When decorating small living areas, many people forget to use ceilings and floors to display art. A ceiling, for example, can be a great place to paint a mural or project a digital artwork onto. This is particularly effective in the bedroom where you spend a lot of time looking up. Also, a thought-provoking mural on the living room ceiling can be an excellent conversation starter during house parties. Large sculptures can be placed in corners not to disrupt the movement in the room. Another way to display art on the floor is by leaning framed artworks against the wall, which will enable you to utilize that unoccupied bottom part of your wall.

Miniature Art Pieces

Small scale art is ideal for small spaces as you can always find room on your wall for a miniature or at the small shelf. These pieces will visually expand the room, as walls appear bigger when embellished with smaller art. Opting for several smaller pieces will allow you to show the range of your interest and gather everything from drawings to prints, small size photographs and paintings, all in one place.


Or Go Big


Just because you live in a small apartment doesn’t mean that you have to avoid large art pieces. Quite the opposite. One oversized artwork is often all you need to decorate your living space and leave a long lasting impression on your guests. Instead of going for subtle colours and subject matter, opt for a large statement piece that will show your guests how much you like taking risks.


Pair Pieces of Different Sizes Together


If you can’t make up your mind about whether you prefer a large or a small piece on your wall, you’ll be happy to know that you don’t really have to choose. Pairing up artworks of similar style that significantly vary in size will help you add balance and depth to your room. By placing small and big artworks together, the viewer’s gaze will go back and forward from one piece to the other gradually reviling the distinctiveness of each piece.



Get Some Sculpture Lamps…


Every small living space needs a lamp. In small flats, lamps are particularly useful as a source of light, as they can illuminate most of the room while saving energy consumption. Sculpture lamps are a two-in-one solution that will allow you to incorporate some art into your apartment without taking up any additional space. Choose a bold, eye-catching lamp that will double as an aesthetic piece and bring both light and beauty into your small apartment.



…and Other Household Items


But why stop at lamps alone? Nowadays there are plenty of designer objects out there that can double as useful household items. Why not embellish your space with an original coat hanger or a kitchen timer? You can even use this macabre knife sharpener to make the tedious task of sharping the knife a little bit more interesting. To you, these pieces will serve as important household items, but to the untrained eye, they will look like works of art carefully arranged to decorate the place.


Opt for Digital over Physical


Digital art has become really popular in the past few years. Its ephemeral nature makes it perfect for tiny apartments. Digital art will help you solve your problems with the lack of space by exhibiting art on the objects you already have. You can use digital artworks as screensavers for your television or computer screens. Or you can purchase a digital frame and put it on your desk or your drawer. The best thing about digital art is that you can store several artworks into the digital app and then occasionally rotate them on screen without the use of any additional space.

Go Back to Nature


Works of art with natural motifs will make your space seem less claustrophobic and more relaxing. Vivid images of calming landscapes and floral patterns will make you feel like you are spending time in nature rather than in a cramped apartment. And there are plenty of artworks to choose from. If you like flowers, opt for a still life painting or a print. Or make yourself feel like you’re on a holiday by choosing a seaside landscape or a powerful photograph of mountains under snow.

Use Textile Art


If you want to add a sense of warmth to your space, try using different types of textile art. You can showcase an abstract tapestry, an embroidered portrait or a hand-painted silk scarf to create the feeling of softness and make the place feel more welcoming. With a variety of different materials and styles to pick from, textile art pieces provide numerous opportunities for customization. Textile artworks are also great for those who move around a lot, as they are much easier to pack and transport than a framed art piece.

Add Texture


By looking at art from up close, you will notice every bump, every line and every brushstroke. That’s why engravings, intricate weavings, artworks that have numerous thick layers of paint or those with conspicuous brushstrokes, can all be a good choice for small apartments. Observing the artwork from a few inches away will make you truly appreciate the texture of the piece, something we rarely pay attention to when viewing art from a distance.


Bring some Colours into Your Life


There’s nothing more depressing than staring into empty white walls. Bare white walls often seem cold and boring. So why not use art to bring some colour into your home? One way to do that is by selecting an interesting print that is simply booming with a variety of colours. Another way is by selecting a colourful tapestry that will liven up the place. Big colourful artworks will bring good vibration and cheerfulness into your life when set in contrast to the white background.


Create Stark Contrast


On the other hand, if your apartment is already painted in bold and bright colours, it’s best to use simple monochromatic pieces to avoid the kitschy and chaotic appearance. Black and white prints and plaster figures can be just the thing you need to embellish you small flat, without making it look like a colour bomb exploded inside.

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Choose Artworks with a lot of Details


Some art pieces look best from afar. Others require a closer inspection. Living in a small flat is a great opportunity to get to know every little detail on the artworks since (due to the lack of space) you will mostly observe them from up close. That’s why artworks with a lot of details are perfect for small apartments. Having a detailed artwork exhibited in a tiny room will really enable you to appreciate the fine details and the skills of the artist while enjoying your morning coffee.

As you can tell, there are plenty of ways to decorate small spaces with art. You just need someone to show you the tricks professionals use to incorporate art in small spaces. By following these tips you’ll be able to surround yourself with the art you love and give any space, no matter how big or small your personal touch.


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