Share The Love M (2020)

One Small Step – Dark Side of the Moon (2020)

One Small Step (2020)

Riot Of Liberty (2020)

Brexit Balloon Dogs (2019)

Eat My Shorts (2019)

Gone Panther and Inspector (2019)

Gone Cowboy and Spaceman (2019)

The Bear and The Ping (2019)

Gone Peanuts Family (2019)

Gone Mouse 1.5 x 1.5 m (2020)

Gone M and M (2019)

Large balloon dogs (2019)

Howling POPek Balloon Dog (2019)

Giant Zoetrope – Singapore Science Center (2018)

Singapore Cathay Center Balloon Dogs (2018)

POPek porcelain chrome gold (2019)

Wooden POPek 8″ tall (2019)

Peepek balloon dog (2019)

Happy POPek Mini Red an Pink

Gone L… whatshername Giclee Fine Art Print – limited edition

Gone B… whatshisname Giclee Fine Art Print – limited edition

Happy POPek statue 30 cm and 50 cm

The Skull – Giclée Print

Gone Girl Mouse – Giclée print

Bitten phone box – Croydon

Giant zoetrope 3d printed kinetic artwork

LFUVE – screen print

Gone Mouse – Giclée print

Humpek Balloon Dog

Happy POPek

Splash Kiss – 2018 – Screen Print

POPek Black 12 cm (sold out)

POPek RED Small (12cm)

POPek Red 120 cm and 50 cm

Slit – Knife sharpener

Fist of Unity table lamp

Kaboom Kitchen Timer


Splat Painting Pennywise

Lust and Greed III

Lust and Greed II

Lust and Greed I

Good Puppy Table Lamp

Red Puppy Table lamp

Good Boy Floor Lamp

Coat Hanger


Olympic Riot figures

Splat Painting – Amy

Splat Painting – Sex Pistols

Splat Painting – Marylin

Splat Painting – Tre Cool

Splat Painting – London Calling

Splat Painting – Mick Jagger

Splat Painting – Nicky

Splat Painting – Mike Dirnt

Splat Painting – Billie III

Splat Painting Billie I


Splat Painting – Billie II

Property market gone wild

Riot Shield Smiley Face