Faith Glitch series

I have started working on a new series of artwork (print, paintings and digital) which will be a comment on how the current technological advances and science undermine and put into question religious beliefs. I haven’t yet decided how many artworks will be in the series, however it should be something around five. Here is […]

Coming Soon – “POPek” – Pooping balloon dog

Available from POPek balloon dog is now available. Working name is “POPek” the pooping balloon dog. It is inspired by Jeff Koons balloon art. How big will it be? I want it large… larger than life and perhaps smaller editions as well. Her is a sneak peek. If you want to be the first […]

Making a Good Boy lamp part 2

Good boy is still in productions. Fiberglass shell has been assembled, joint and joint have been smoothed. The dog has been primed.

Making a Good Boy Lamp

Good Boy floor lamps is getting made. All parts are now cast and it is starting to look great. It is made of fiberglass which will later on be painted black. It is a work in progress and I will be posting updates. In the meantime I have been working on other brand new product […]