Giant 3d Zoetrope is a nearly 2 meters tall 3d printed kinetic sculpture. Designed in 2017 by Sebastian Burdon, manufactured by the White Wall company it was open to the public in March 2018. This artwork is by far the biggest and most complex piece I have done. It is displayed at the Singapore Science Centre where it attracts hundreds of viewers each week.

The elaborate kinetic artwork is nearly 2 meters tall and consists of 605 individual objects, each one hand-painted in great detail. It took me (Sebastian Burdon) over 3 months to make all the 3d modelling, sculpting and animation. During the process, I developed a number of 3d production scripts which automated certain areas of production.
To 3d print itself too over t 4.3 weeks. The print material is Nylon, this is super strong gives very accurate prints starting with a box of nylon dust that a laser is fired into to fuse together.
Talented painters put 1220 hours of work to make it happen.
The artwork took 960 hours to assemble.

Size is 1300 x 1300 x 1945mm
Weight Approx 200kg
The partners on this project were Singapore Science Centre, WhiteWall company (UK) and HKD (UK).