Splash Kiss – Screen Print – 2018

Do you remember the feeling before the first date, the butterflies in your stomach, the buzz, the confusion, the emotions? Do you remember the first kiss with your partner?

I remember mine very well as it was one of those memorable moments that would stay with me for lifetime. To celebrate the amazing and memorable feeling, I created a screen print called Splash Kiss. The prints represent a couple timelessly frozen in what seems to be a brief moment of a passionate kiss. The are available in two color versions (see photos below) and are limited to 50 edition per version. To some the image is easier to read than to others, so please take a minute to discover it’s intricacies. They are a continuation of the splash print style which I first started working with in 2012.

Size: 70 x 70 cm
Paper: SomersetSating 310 gsm

Available at www.SohoArt.uk






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