LFUVE is based on Robert Indiana famous iconic LOVE statues / prints. This unorthodox tow color hand-pulled screen print is Whatshisname’s commentary on the catastrophic way modern media portrays concept of love. According to the artist the years of Romanticism have ruined the concept of love for generations to come. Today’s media misunderstand and over-saturate this concept by making their viewers believe that there is only one, true love for life. That it is the perfect feeling which we share with the perfect significant other, that sex is as perfect at the beginning as it is after 20 or 30 years of the relationship. Couples never fight but glace into each others eyes with a dreamy look of fascination and desire. In reality this concept is nothing more than false. It is our responsibility to realise how imperfect love actually is. The sooner we do it and the sooner we reject the expectation of romantic everlasting love, the sooner we’ll start appreciating love for what it really is and our lives will be happier.




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